Norris Paddling Adventures
Located at the Norris Dam Marina
Norris, TN 37828

207 939-6692 or The Marina at 865 494-8138

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 Norris Paddling Adventures


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Norris Paddling Adventures:  We provide self-guided rentals in top of the line watercraft; single, tandem kayaks, canoes and Stand-Up Paddle Boards, for a 1-hour paddle, a 2-4 hr. ‘half day’ tour for time to picnic, swim and explore or a full day lake adventure. We welcome individuals to large groups of all ages and skill levels, including young children and pets. Our experienced staff can also provide guided excursions. Just a little over thirty minutes from  Knoxville, but miles away from the stress and strain of urban life!  Norris Lake is magnificent body of water; clear, mellow and serene--warming to comfortable swimming temperatures in summer and flanked by a beautiful State Park and Wildlife Sanctuary filled with an abundance of wildlife. Norris Paddling Adventures provides all the equipment needed and instruction for beginning boaters.  Norris Paddling’s main guide and owner is John Marquis.  John is a licensed wilderness guide in the State of Maine.  He has over 10 years of experience teaching sea kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding, cross-country skiing, and snow-shoeing for LLBean’s headquarters in Freeport, Maine.  He is certified in wilderness first aid, fitness and sports nutrition.  

                                                              1-hr.           2-hrs.           4-hrs.         All day

Single Kayaks & Paddle Boards: 
      $25             $35                $45             $65
* Family Discount (12 yrs. and younger $-10)

Tandem Kayaks or Canoes:
                $35            $45                 $55            $75


Kayak Discovery:    -1.5 hrs.                               
 *Children under 13 - $25

On shore, we will cover safety, dealing with boat traffic, boat fit, paddling posture, how to hold the paddle and paddle strokes.  On the water we will cover launching, landing and practice the five basic strokes.  Paddling safety will be stressed. In addition to these skills, you will have one hour of boat rental.

Stand-Up Paddle Board Discovery:   -1.5 hrs.   
*Children under 13 - $25

Discover how easy and fun it is to balance on top of the water.  The perfect blend of exercise and fun, Stand-up Paddle Boarding builds core body strength and burns 500-700 calories per hr. while allowing you to enjoy scenic lakes, coves and inlets. In a relaxed environment, our expert instructor, John Marquis, will teach the fundamentals of stand-up paddling and the essential safety skills.

Paddle Time in the Cove (30min): 
-Adult with Child (up to 12 yrs.)

-Adult (Driver's License Req'd)
-Under 18 w/parental release
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